Be Accustomed to Writing English

by Dewa

imageWhat a shocking class!! That’s the atmosphere of Today’s Software Engineering (SE) Class. My lecturer tears up the assignment letter of my friend. Wow.. That’s uncommon sight in our class since my 4-years studying in Department of Informatics. However, I realize that it is our faults. Most of us do our assignment with Plagiarism. The assignment is making resume from our evaluation paper(s).

Yeah, it’s easy. Making a resume. But, the most bothering problem is on our habit. Maybe, we don’t get used to write, moreover to write in English. Wow, that’s could be a systemic problem. Some people will blame the Nation Education Curriculum. That’s the student not to be learned the habit of writing. They must compare with overseas education curriculum.. Mother of God, what a complex thinking –_-“

I’m not going to talk about politics. I just wanna share some simple tricks. Blaming the others is very useless. It’s better to start transforming yourself right now from a little case. The cause why I’m not accustomed to writing is that I never force my self to have that habit. So, the solution is start to get used to do that habit.

Updating Facebook Status and Tweeting in English

Yaps, it’s very easy. We do it frequently and with fun. So, the first trick to make ourselves accustomed to English writing is posting some stuffs in English. Still confused what stuff you share? Ahh..  You have some favorite English songs, don’t you? Just share a piece of their lyrics. Easy, right?

It’s normal if some of our friends think that we are such a geek person. They think that we are so pretentious slang, so pretentious “educated”, so what? Yeah. Trust me. Their estimation will not give some effect to the real you. They do that because of their hesitation. Open-mouthed smile

Blogging in English

Just like updating FB status or tweeting in English, Blogging could be another alternative to improve our English writing skill. But, it needs more efforts, because blogging share more contents that what we share on FB or Twitter. You can write your own experience, your unique inspiration, and all of what you are thinking about at the moment.

Did you know? Some of HRD Multinational Company will see our personal information by searching our full name on Google. By frequent blogging, when someone find our full name, our blog address will be top Google results. So, what are you waiting for guys? Beside it is able to improve our English Writing skill, it also popularize ourselves and announce our English Writing Capability.

Do it with Fun and Consistently + Kill the Laziness

The key is “Do above tricks fun and with consistent manner”. It is impossible for us to get outstanding English writing skill suddenly. With the process to get that good habit, we must get any trouble. One of them is laziness.

Like an analogy of the process of vehicle moving, every transformation needs process. It’s impossible, suddenly a stopped vehicle move in 90kmh in speed. It needs some acceleration. The acceleration represents our laziness, our obstacle, and every barrier we should pass to get ourselves changed.

Fun? Why with fun? Because if we do it forcedly, we’ll difficult to keep that habit consistently. Fun is like a gasoline of vehicle. Without it, vehicle will not move. So is ourselves.

Hope having a good habit in English writing could make us easy to communicate in English. For the specific purposes, for me, hope I can do my scientific paper smoothly Smile Amin.