O Allah.. You always Know What I Need

by Dewa


“Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” {2:216}

Once again Guys. I found the magic of my life. Allah has shown and convinced me the truth of his verse of Quran. I believe that He knows what I need, though what I need is not what I want. And every gift of Allah is the best for me. Smile

It started from my dilemma. I had to choose if I graduate at 7th semester or not. In another side, I was given mandate as Minister of Communication and Information BEM ITS. This mandate pushes me not to graduate earlier. Finally, I decided to choose to accept that mandate. As a consequence, I could not graduate at 7th semester. For detail story visit here

Yeah, contribution is the point. I want to be a useful people for others. I’m sure, I will be able to spread the goodness much more massively than if I graduate at 7th semester.

Nevertheless, the idealism always fights with the fact. In the beginning days, I felt  a little bit disappointed not to decide to finish my final project (script). Moreover, I often meet my friends who focus on finishing his final project. They are so optimistic with their 7th-semester graduation. Oh, this is the first temptation, I should keep my idealism.

I forced my self to keep what I had decided. I dropped my final project. I can handle it though my advising-lecturer asked me why I drop. I could explain to him well and he accepted what I explain.

The temptation was not ended on that moment. The climax temptation is on the moment when I attended the graduation party of my friends. I saw my friends wearing toga. I saw them applying for a lot of job vacations. Oh God, please strengthen my conviction,  I don’t want to regret what I’ve decided before.

Don’t you know Guys, actually Allah hides something that yet I realized. Now, I relized that He (Allah) planned much more beautifully. He designed architecture that normal human-being cannot think with their logic. Allah gives me much more than what I want Smile

Mawapres (High-Achieving Student)

The first gift from Allah is the chance to join in High-Achieving Student Competition AGAIN !! Due to His mercy, I won and I was selected as The first winner of high-achieving student of Informatics Department.

Think again. As if I graduated in 7th semester, I would not get this chance. Now, I can prepare myself to compete in ITS level. What a wonderful plan of You, Allah. Hope I can compete well again. Surely, Allah has a wonderful plan for me Smile

PKM-KC (Scientific Writing Competition)

We got our PKM project funded by DIKTI. All praises to Allah. Well, this year is my first chance to run my PKM project. It is not about being funded and getting some money, but it is about a chance to make a real innovation for better Indonesia.

As if I graduated, I would not be able to run this project due to my student status. Even though, I ‘m studying at Magister, I cannot run it. PKM Project only can be run by undergraduate student.

Young Leaders for Indonesia wave 5

What a great, great, great, great Gift on my 22nd birthday. March, 14th 2012, I was phoned by YLI recruiting committee. She informed me that I was selected as one of 60 participant for YLI Forum. It is predicted, there is thousands YLI applicants in this batch. To be chosen one among thousands people is unforgettable gift form Allah. Moreover it is on the days I born.

One of the requirement of YLI participant is that every participants must still study at undergraduate program in their university. That’s why, I said Alhamdulillah, due to this chance of not graduating yet in this semester Smile

New Family in BEM ITS

Wow, I found a new inspiration, a new life-charger, a new family. It is BEM ITS Transformation 11-12 Family. There are a lot of outstanding people with their unique characteristics.

In my ministry : Ministry of Communication and Information, there are also many unique personalities. As a leader, it is my compulsory to know them deeply. It is such a very challenging stuff for me. Smile

O Allah, now I know the beauty of Your plan. I know that you have planned  the best for me. I do say sorry because of my disappointment. I do say sorry because I‘ve felt as if there were another better plan for me. Yours is the Best Smile