#365improvement Day 2: Wonderful Bandung

by Dewa

Welcome back again. Yesterday, a friend of mine celebrated his weeding party in Cimahi. Cimahi is situated close to Bandung. Hence, I did use my spare time to hang out with friends in bandung.

First experience to travel by ‘travel’ car
To be honest, I’ve never go to anywhere by travelling car. This is why since two months ago, I had decided to go to Bandung by riding travelling car. Moreover, I got a discounted price, which was only costed IDR 75K for one-time ticket. This experience was so exiting.

How you treated your friend would be your investment
Another friend of mine welcomed me very warmly. He picked me up when I arrived at Dipati Ukur Bandung. Then he led me stay one night at his boarding house.

Speaking of him, I believe that we will get what we give. If we want to be treated well, you have to treat others well. I am sure that this is one of his investment. Should he will come to Jakarta, I will treat him at least as well as he treated me. So kind of him.

Visiting a Futuristic-design Mosque in Padalarang
Having come to the wedding celebration, we continued to visit interesting place nearby. We visited a prominent mosque, al Irsyad, located in padalarang. This mosque is architectured by Ridwan Kamil, the mayor of Bandung.

The mosque is not so big. However, its appearance did amaze me. The whole building looks far from how the conventional mosques look like. The imam’s rostrum is surrounded by a nice pond. A big stone written ‘Allah’ is placed in front of the praying space. Apart from those, there are still many other uniqueness.

I plan to stay here for two days. I am looking forward to other marvellous adventure for tomorrow.